Translating a text must be practiced like a trade. It is necessary to have the required knowledge, experience and know-how transferring a text from one language into an other language. Thereby, it needs more than just words. The translator must consider the linguistic peculiarities such as connotations, ambiguities, and idioms to create a comprehensive text. He must also adapt the text to the targeted audience by using different stylistic means. Among other things thorough research is required, in order to get information on the specific facts and to use the correct technical terms. The best translation should read like an original text.


I work with a CAT Tool (CAT = Computer Added Translation) - a computer program that helps me to work even more efficient and helps me to create a consistent translation and to ensure a high quality.


My services at a glance:

  • Translation of your text
  • Layout adaptation
  • Certification
  • Consultancy 


Please contact me by using the contact form for any question or more information. If you would like to get a quotation for a translation, you can also use my request form and upload your text.


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E-mail: k.zickler@jura-trans-de


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